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Humanity, as we all are, is living in stories.

The greatest story that can exist is how humanity solves the climate catastrophe. 

That is a real story.


We need something real. Something we can use to quickly capture CO2 from the atmosphere and provide clean water, food and shelter for everybody on the planet. Something to rebuild our destroyed ecosystems, and make all the clothes, microchips, automobiles and furniture and skyscrapers.

We got the plant for a miracle. 

That plant is hemp.
Look for the bare necessities of mother nature`s recipes.


So be realistic and plan for a miracle!
We have to mobilize our societies transforming every aspect of our lives. 

The best way to do it is with music, arts and fun. 

We also know, this needs a system, which redistributes wealth, helps and connects people with nature, culture, work and purpose.
That`s why 

We open our first climate action cannabis coffeeshop.
Since this type of enterprise is always successful we see the opportunity to set it as an example of our notion, how the actors of the economy should behave around the globe.

To show how it works, when an actor admits how much profit is enough and how the rest of it can be sacrificed for a real purpose. 

In our case, for humanity’s real story.
The Revolution will not be televised, 

The Revolution will not be televised, 

The Revolution will be incentivized.

Because we listen to the scientist and what we do is the scientific method.

The constant questioning of our assumptions.
From that questioning we have arrived to a conclusion that we cannot solve our climate emergency with greed. 

The abolishment of greed from our culture and economic systems is the radical change in consciousness that humanity needs to save our world.

Believing is dangerous business, but

We are what we choose to believe to be.


I believe in music and 

I believe in love.
I know world is in need
We can save it together with

The Weed Against Greed!

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