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Weed Against Greed DAO


The Revolution will not be televised, 

The Revolution will not be televised, 

The Revolution will be incentivized.

The abolishment of greed from our culture and economic systems is the radical change in consciousness that humanity needs to save our world.

Believing is dangerous business, but

We are what we choose to

believe to be.

I believe in music and 

I believe in love.
I know world is in need
We can save it together with

The Weed Against Greed!

Humanity, as we all are, is living in stories.

The greatest story that can exist is how humanity solves the climate catastrophe. 

That is a real story.

We need something real.
People are in need of
food, fuel and fertile ground with homes across the world.
We need
Something we can use to quickly capture CO2 from the atmosphere and provide clean water, food and shelter for everybody on our planet. Something to rebuild our destroyed ecosystems,

Hemp for Miracle!

So be realistic and plan for a miracle!
We have to mobilize billions of people restoring damaged ecosystems, reduce overindulged consumption, and provide financial support to those most affected by the climate and ecological crises.

That`s why 

We open our first climate action cannabis coffeeshopp to kick-start this process transforming every aspect of our lives.

To show how it works, when an actor admits how much profit is enough and how the rest of it can be sacrificed for a real purpose. 

In our case, for humanity’s real story.

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