Weed Against Greed

Greed is the strong desire for more wealth, possessions & power...etc. than a person needs.


Our stories, our fantasies

create the world

around us.

Without them

there would

be Nothing...

Greed is a Pollution

Weed is the Solution.

Our belief systems are consumed by Greed.

Our democracies are purchased by Greed.

Our cultures & our dreams are sold by Greed.

Our lives are proposed by Greed.


You can imagine Greed like a tiny Black Hole created by the Lack of Love one gets.

As you feed it, it gets more matter and creates a stronger gravitational pull, which eats up your capacity to relate to human emotions.


Social behavior studies already prove that when you accumulate more wealth, you're distancing yourself from society and from your capacity to process human emotions.

In a way you become less human, and little by little your humanity fades away...

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