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Green Revolution Foundation Information

Green Revolution Foundation


Poortland 66, 1046 BD Amsterdam

Phone: +31619135643

Stichting Green Revolution Foundation

RSIN: 861530020

KVK: 80018092

BTW: NL8615.30.020.B.01

BANK: NL78BUNQ2049407483

Authorized Representatives Board:
Attila Suba - Director

Remuneration policy:

The board members working on Pro Bono Basis. This means our board hasn't received financial reimbursements for their activity in the foundation.


Het bijdragen aan het creeren van een welvarende, inclusieve, klimaatbestendige samenleving met een circulaire, koolstofarme economie.

​The Foundation’s vision is to contribute to creating a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society with a circular, zero-carbon economy. We believe that innovation will achieve the deep decarbonization required, and strengthen climate resilience. We do this by instigating transformative climate action and breakthrough innovation at the systems level. We support the development of relevant, timely, and strategic innovation experiments to generate alternative business and industrial models that work towards this vision. The Foundation focuses on raising and effectively placing funds for climate-relevant innovation, while directly implementing and funding selected innovation initiatives at the systemic level. The Foundation’s activities include pursuing public and private funding, sponsorship, incorporating, participating in, and financing businesses and companies, and providing advice and services to others. The Foundation’s network whose purpose is to exchange knowledge, learn through experimentation, build capability, and work jointly to mobilize action and initiatives that facilitate and accelerate climate innovation.

The foundation spends its funds to direct action climate initiatives. Spending their money only on direct action climate goals like building a movement, education, enlightening, mobilization, organization, using existing technologies for climate pursues, to save human and other forms of life in disaster areas, peace initiatives, research, and climate adaptation and mitigation.

Financial statements.

Organization registered: 05-08-2020
Court of Registration: Amsterdam Municipality

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